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Cream Goes Carbon Neutral

In 2021, Cream became carbon-neutral, one of the first production companies in Canada to achieve this. To reach this important milestone, we measured the carbon footprint of every production and head office, and offset our emissions with a carbon offset purchase to Great Bear Rainforest in BC. Across 14 productions and head office, we measured and offset our carbon footprint of 350 tonnes.

Caring about the health of the planet is part

of Cream’s DNA, and there’s no better way

to make a measurable difference than by

starting at the ground level within the

workplace. By making green thinking a vital

part of our company’s culture, we’re hoping

to set an example that can be embraced by

anyone who wants to make an impact.

By measuring our carbon footprint, we also learned what activities produce the highest emissions and where can we focus on reducing our footprint rather than just offsetting it. This is our focus for 2022 and we are learning more every day.

We’ve started sharing our efforts and commitment with staff, crews and the industry through our new Green Newsletter.

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