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Eli Roth Is Still Finding New Ways to Terrify You

(Esquire) — With Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat, he gets an assist from Meta Quest 2-powered VR and Vanessa Hudgens.

Something new is here from Eli Roth. No, it’s not Hostel: Part III or another sequel to Cabin Fever, or any other regular old flat screen film. Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat is a creature we’ve never encountered before: Part Grimms’ fairy tale, part haunted-house adventure, all wrapped up in a thirty-minute virtual reality experience. Roth took his unique flair for the macabre and applied it to virtual reality. Trick-VR-Treat is a collaborative effort from CryptTV, Cream Productions, and Light Sail VR. It premiered on Meta Horizon Worlds and Meta Quest TV on October 21.

Strap on a Meta Quest 2 and become the protagonist in your own Eli Roth directed haunt. The experience will be in Meta Horizon Worlds and Meta Quest TV. If you don't have a VR headset just laying around, you can still get your scare on by tuning into the experience on Crypt TV’s Facebook and Instagram.


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