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Eli Roth Talks 'A Ghost Ruined My Life' Podcast

Eli Roth debuted his new series A Ghost Ruined My Life in 2021, and now the horror master has unveiled a new companion podcast. The audio series features all-new terrifying stories of haunting and supernatural torment, with everyday people recounting the hellish circumstances they've lived through because of otherworldly assailants. had a chance to speak exclusively with Roth about the new podcast, where he explained why he was eager to tell these stories.

"The real inspiration was what Shudder did with History of Horror, where we took the full-length interviews before they were edited into the show," he told PopCulture, referring to his other wildly popular podcast and TV series combo. "It was amazingly successful. It really drove viewership to the show. So I said, 'We have all these amazing interviews with people that have been through this crazy experience, why don't we make it sort of this hybrid of me narrating in kind of a radio play, but put something out there so that everybody can enjoy this show?'" Roth then revealed how A Ghost Ruined My Life became one of the "top drivers for subscription" of discovery+ and watchers of Travel Channel. "Now with the merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, a lot more people will be able to watch the show."

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