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ID & Cream Delve Deeper Into BTK Story

(Worldscreen)Dennis Rader—better known as the serial killer BTK (for Bind, Torture, Kill)—created a wake of terror that stretched for three decades, before he was finally captured and incarcerated. The story of the father and church leader, a sadistic serial murderer who stalked and tortured his victims, has made international headlines and captivated public interest, and Cream Productions took a deep dive into the legacy in the two-hour BTK: A Killer Among Us, produced for Investigation Discovery (ID).

Now, ID and Cream are bringing new insights to BTK: A Killer Among Us with an extended version, BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer. “BTK was a prolific communicator with the media and authorities; the extended version includes more of these highly disturbing communications, as well as more stories about the twists and turns in the effort to capture him and his impact on his victims and the community, more interviews with his daughter and analysis of his pathology by a forensic psychologist who communicated with him for five years after his imprisonment,” says Hirschfield. “There’s also a trove of new and extended archive materials. It’s a deeper dive down the darkest of rabbit holes.”


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