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Netflix drops trailer for 'Age Of Samurai'

(Deadline) — Netflix has unveiled the first look at Age of Samurai – a series that looks more like an action flick than a documentary.

The streamer has dropped the first trailer (above) for the six-part series, which is produced by Canadian production company Cream Productions.

The series looks at the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan in the 16th Century – the Sengoku period – a time of ubiquitous civil war, social unrest and political intrigue.

It tells the story of Date Masamune, a notorious samurai known as the ‘One-Eyed Dragon’ who fought alongside the three founding fathers of Japan – warlords who led fierce armies of samurai against each other to unite the nation 400 years ago. His is thought to have been the inspiration for the design of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. As a child he infamously plucked out his own eye when it became infected with smallpox, murdered his younger brother to ensure his line of succession, succeeded his father when he was 17 and soon after conquered neighboring clans to unite most of northern Japan under his control.


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