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Cream Launches Podcast Arm, Sets ‘My Pop’s Culture’ Series

(Deadline) — EXCLUSIVE: Cream Productions, the company behind CNN’s upcoming docuseries The Story of Late Night, has launched a podcast division.

This comes ahead of the launch of Behind the Desk: The Story of Late Night, a companion podcast produced in association with CNN Audio. The podcast will launch April 22 ahead of the show airing on May 2.

Cream is developing a slate of non-fiction series featuring original stories as well as TV spinoffs. Its first show is My Pop’s Culture, a ten-part series that bridges the wide pop-culture gap between the Gen-X and Millennial generations.

The series, which is hosted by father Marshall Kaplan and son Ben, sees the pair delve into a variety of topics and is recorded in Marshall Kaplan’s basement, home to thousands of pop-culture relics from his past.

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