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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,

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Interactive Digital Media Development

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video content, games and apps.  


Emerging Software, AI (Artificial Intelligence),

and Hardware Production Solutions

We are fully integrated industry leading experts working in both traditional and emerging mediums under the same roof. This unique environment allows us to innovate across all platforms and maximize production resources.

Our continued partnerships with technology-centric research and development institutions mean our production dollars (and yours too), go into the audience experience... where it belongs.

Survivorman VR: "The Descent"

A hyperreal VR survival game set in iconic wilderness environments—hosted by Les Stroud. For Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Vive.


Think fast and make difficult choices as you endure harrowing survival scenarios in the wild. Here, the key to survival comes through trial, exploration and experimentation—all under the watchful guidance of real-world expert and television celebrity, Les Stroud. Survivorman VR “The Descent” is an intricate, highly interactive VR game-brand that challenges players to survive dynamic, sophisticated, real-world, life-or-death experiences in breathtaking natural locations. Throughout the experience, you will be guided by survival expert Les Stroud who will offer his help, criticism or just mock you as you try to solve the survival challenges at hand… all before you starve or freeze to death.

A Curious Mind

with Dominic Monaghan

A Curious Mind is a Hulu VR exclusive, presented by Microsoft. It is a pop-science, cross-platform VR series that takes users on unforgettable immersive journeys, illuminating the most mind-blowing concepts science and nature have to offer. Led by Dominic Monaghan (star of Lord of the Rings, and Lost) and supported by top shelf talent such as Phil Plait (science writer to Bill Nye and part of the Hubble Space Telescope team), with music by Electric Youth, (soundtrack to the feature film Drive).

Winner 2019 Canadian Screen Awards

Best Immersive Experience, Fiction

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