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Cream Interactive specializes in creating first-class, innovative narrative and game experiences

in emerging spaces like mobile AR and VR. We have an eye on developing new technologies to improve how we make traditional and next generation content.


Survivorman VR: The Descent is a hyperreal VR survival game set in iconic wilderness environments—hosted by Les Stroud. For Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Vive.

Dark Threads is an interactive VR science-future experience starring Dominic Monaghan and Kandyse McClure, where you, human, decide the future.


Funded by the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates & Cream.

Available to buy on

Tree Tap Adventure is a mobile game that allows players to plant, grow and design their own virtual forest. Players explore and design different habitats, discover and meet the critters that call these areas home and, through Augmented Reality (AR), step into the shoes of different forest creatures or watch the trees they’ve been designing on screen come to life. Players are rewarded for their creation of virtual forests with the planting of trees in the real world through our Reforestation Partners. More info at
Download Tree Tap Adventure for free on iOS or Android!

A Curious Mind is a Hulu VR exclusive, presented by Microsoft. It is a pop-science, cross-platform VR series that takes users on unforgettable immersive journeys, illuminating the most mind-blowing concepts science and nature have to offer. Led by Dominic Monaghan (star of Lord of the Rings, and Lost) and supported by top shelf talent such as Phil Plait (science writer to Bill Nye and part of the Hubble Space Telescope team), with music by Electric Youth, (soundtrack to the feature film Drive).

Winner 2019 Canadian Screen Awards
Best Immersive Experience, Fiction

The Interactive Team

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