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TBI In Conversation With Cream CEO David Brady About Netflix Series 'Age Of Samurai'

(TBI) — Cream Productions CEO David Brady tells Mark Layton about blending visceral action and historical accuracy for new Netflix series Age Of Samurai: Battle For Japan

Toronto-based Cream Productions, alongside fellow Canadians Blue Ant Media, launched their new docudrama co-production Age Of Samurai: Battle For Japan on Netflix last week.

The 6 x 60-minute series follows the 16th century battle to unite Japan under a single dynasty. The Warring States period and the samurai who fought in it have long been mythologised through books, films and other media, but as Cream CEO David Brady, explains: “It turns out that the real facts are equally, if not more, compelling than the mythology.”

Brady co-founded Cream in 2003, working on factual projects across a range of genres, including All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs for Amazon, Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan for Animal Planet and CNN’s Story Of Late Night and History Of Sitcom.

The entry point to this latest factual story is Date Masamune, a notorious samurai known as the ‘One-Eyed Dragon’. Masamune, who Brady semi-jokingly describes as “quite the character” was infamous for having plucked out his own eyeball before a battle and fought alongside the founding fathers of Japan.

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